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Create automated regression tests for web applications, at lightning speed.

WARNING! This extension will not work from Firefox 47 onward. For details and workaround see the repository page.

What is FireRobot?

It's a Firefox extension that allows you to create Robot Framework/Selenium tests in a more efficient way.

Check the demonstration videos on YouTube or keep reading:

Keyword driven testing is in the far end of the spectrum from record and play tools, as far as test automation concerns. Although this tool has some features in common with record and play tools, it's interest lies in some specific features that will help you to create high level custom keywords, based on the Selenium2library:

How to install FireRobot?

How to use FireRobot?

Disclaimer: This tool is being released publicly because it is believed to have reached a stage where it can be helpful. However, most of it was written when the author should be sleeping, and it was not submitted to exhaustive testing.
If you feel this project might be helpful to you, please contribute by providing feedback at the issues page.
Bugs, new features, small improvements, all are welcome. They will be addressed when possible.